Client Testimonials

At Hudnall’s Home Check Services, we value the professional relationship we build with our clients. Here are a few testimonials about us:

We had a couple options when we bought our unit 3 years ago, one of which was another owner in the same building. My sister was using the Hudnall’s service and highly recommended them though. It is one thing to walk through a unit and look for mold but they turn on the water, run the appliances, toilets, sinks, etc. to make sure everything is working properly, a true quality inspection. Hurricane shutters that are self-lubricating need to be used otherwise you will have problems when you do want to use them. They are constantly communicating after visits. They have taken measurements or pictures for us, monitored humidity levels and even helped arrange for deliveries. Always willing to help. We can’t say enough for the quality of their work.

Steve and Judy – New York

My wife Mary and I bought our condo over two years ago. We live up in New York, so we needed someone to look after the condo. The condo is very special to us, and a place to live in our retirement years. Ron was recommended to us by our real estate agent. In the last two years, we have work done on the condo and newly furnished. Ron has been there for us every time. When you talk to Ron, he treats you like family!

Mary and Stu – New York

Ron: we are very comfortable with you watching over our home. In addition, the little extras that you do builds a stronger relationship.

Dom and Fran – New York

We have been using Hudnall’s Home Check Services to look after our Cape Coral home for the past year and have been extremely satisfied. Ron’s law enforcement background is a plus when it comes to looking after our privacy and security issues. Ron is also is very detail oriented and conscientious when it comes to identifying, communicating and helping resolve property maintenance items. He has even gladly assisted with our more mundane needs such as receiving large package deliveries into our home.

Ron has proven himself to be trustworthy and capable with excellent local knowledge. He is also a clear and concise communicator with regular updates to us even if it is to say that everything is OK. We highly recommend Hudnall’s to anyone who is maintaining a second home in the area.

Dan and Terry – Indiana

Ron and Nancy were recommended to us by our realtor, Mark Jones, in 2011 when we bought our house in south Ft. Myers. Ron being retired from the sheriff’s office appealed to us.

We were living in France during the first two years of our homeownership and once during that time the house was broken into. Nancy immediately telephoned me overseas and I was able to talk directly to the local police.

When work needed to be done, Ron recommended someone and supervised the work for us.

While our neighbors are willing to watch our house while we’re away (we now have a second home in Colorado), we prefer having the reliable, honest and responsive team of Nancy and Ron Hudnall.

Richard and Joan – Colorado

Ron was very diligent in checking on our home while we were away during the summer. He made sure the water was turned off and the alarm was set. We decided to have our home checked every 2 weeks, and it is a good thing we did. Ron discovered a roof leak and called me promptly so we could have it repaired. He kept in touch with my contractor, so that was much appreciated. With all the rain this summer, I’m so glad I used Ron! I will definitely use him again. Thanks a bunch!

Lynda – Fort Myers, Florida

We have used Hudnall’s Homecheck for 2 years for our Fort Myers home after first meeting them at our home and reviewing our needs with them. We were impressed with them and Ron’s experience in law enforcement. One of the main things that we like and feel is very important is Ron’s use of his Humidity detector to evaluate the humidity in our home. Our AC units are controlled by the humidity level and he always adjusts the level as necessary. Anyone who has lived in South Florida knows how important it is to control the humidity in your home. We always get an email after his home checks (sometimes with Nancy to get a woman’s point of view) telling us the status of our home. If there are problems, he doesn’t hesitate to call. Over the time that we have used them, we have found them to be very trustworthy and kind. I always find it a pleasant experience just to talk to Ron like a friend. We are already signing them up for next year.

Mike and Nancy – Wisconsin

Ron and Nancy have monitored our winter home in Ft. Myers for the last three years. We are very happy with their service. They go over and above what we would expect. They are trustworthy, reliable, thorough and affordable. They are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our needs. We feel confident and secure having Ron monitoring our home while we are 1500 miles away for the summer. We feel there are none better.

Ron and Sue – Illinois

We arrived to the Fort Myers area knowing no one except our real estate agent from VIP. When inquiring about someone to provide home check services she gave us Hudnall’s name. We were so please that they came to our home to meet us and review what is done during the checks. We also had an unfortunate time when we were without our key, Ron was headed out of town for the weekend but turned around and brought our key to us. We were very pleased with their personal touch along with professional service. I would highly recommend.

Jay and Jane – Iowa

I can’t overstate how impressed and appreciative I am with the professional services provided by Hudnall’s Home Services. From the prompt weekly responses alerting to any possible problems with my home, running the appliances so the seals remained flexible, resetting the sprinkler system, and checking my automobile are a few of the services provided. I highly recommend Hudnall’s Home Services to anyone looking for a professional company that protects your home and large financial investment.

Randy H. – A very satisfied Michigander

Taking the time to research home check services through Angie’s List, we found that Hudnall’s Home Check Services had many outstanding reviews. When we purchased in Fort Myers they were one of the first to welcome us to the area and to review our home security. With a background in law enforcement and real estate Ron and Nancy have provided us with professional security, and peace of mind, from day one. I particularly enjoy the communication that they have set up to inform us when they visit our home. Occasionally they will attach a picture to help clarify a situation that requires our attention. I would highly recommend Hudnall’s Home Check Services for any homeowner in the area. Team Hudnall is always watching our back!! Thank you Ron and Nancy.

Tom and Terri – New Hampshire

For a few years I was in a bind and worried about having someone watch my Florida condo while I was up North for the winter.  My neighbor told me about Hudnall’s Home Check Service and I subsequently met with Ron Hudnall.  My prayers were answered and after meeting with Ron I was thrilled to sign up for his services.  He is extremely dependable, trustworthy, reliable, very thorough, and does a complete check each time he stops by. I greatly appreciate that he contacts me after each visit to give me an update.  I recently had my A/C blower motor go on the blink, and Ron immediately called to let me know & then he spent extra time at my condo while it was repaired.  I am now in my second year with Hudnall’s Home Check and if you want peace of mind regarding the care of your home while you are away… then Hudnall’s Home Check Service is your best bet.  You will feel very confident and not be disappointed.

Linda – Michigan

My husband and I purchased a home in May 2014 in Bonita Springs, FL. We interviewed several home watching services and were completely impressed with Ron and Nancy. We have been absolutely satisfied with their services. Ron checks our home every other week. He sends emails after every visit. When he knows we are coming he offers to open up the house for us, and he mentions things that we should examine in the house that we may have not noticed or items that need attention. Recently our homeowners association has been doing construction in the driveways and streets. He keeps us updated on the progress around our house and when we received a new driveway he even took the time and effort to email me a picture!! I cannot express how satisfied we are with their services.

Monica and Jeremy – Westlake, OH

Ron and Nancy have been giving us “peace of mind” for the past 3 years. Fortunately we currently don’t have security issues, but being homeowners up North here, we realize that there are many things that can wrong with a house, especially if we’re 2,000 miles away, and if left unattended can turn into very expensive nightmares.

Ron does a really great job at checking things out. He/Nancy always send a short report after the visit, and many times it’s just to say “hi, everything looks good”, and that in itself is peace of mind. We value the service they provide us.

Craig and Sharon – Leicester, NY

We have extremely enjoyed having Ron & Nancy look after our property in Fort Myers. As parents of a police officer, we were drawn to their ad in the yellow pages citing Ron’s background in law enforcement.

Approximately 2 years ago right after we bought property in Fort Myers, Ron & Nancy were able to meet with us on short notice (as we were to leave town the next day). We were pleased that they both wanted to meet us and see the property before they would agree to provide a service. After pleasant conversation and several good tips on things that we needed to do before leaving we agreed to hire their service.

Since then we have completely enjoyed the relationship. They are always accommodating to go the extra step when we forget our code, our keys, suggesting and installing a humidity indicator, adjusting the thermostat, running over when a neighbor calls and has concern about the property, and so on. We are completely at ease 2,000 miles away knowing our property is being caringly looked after.</

I would be pleased to provide a direct reference if someone should ask.

Steve and Brenda, NE

If you are looking for someone to keep an eye on your home, I highly recommend the services of Mrs. Nancy Hudnall. Nancy has been our eyes and ears since January 2001. I cannot express how grateful we are that we found someone who is as honest, trustworthy, and efficient as Nancy. She gives us security and peace of mind in knowing while we are gone that our home will be checked on a weekly basis and ready for us to enjoy upon our return. Working with Nancy has been not only a pleasure but, also, one of the best decisions we have made.

Ron and Diane, Michigan

We are very pleased with the service provided by Nancy and Ron. We hired them to watch our vacation home in Cape Coral, and it is one of the best investments we have made. They are very reliable, and have been extremely helpful in taking care of our property. The peace of mind this provides makes owning this property much more enjoyable and removes much of the potential stress that would otherwise be there.

Mary and Jeff, Illinois

When asked, “How to sum up the service provided by Hudnall’s Home Check”? In one word FANTASTIC. Why so dramatic and over the top? Ron and Nancy are very reliable, when contacted they respond. Their service is very reasonably priced and curtailed to your requirements. On each visit they perform a thorough home inspection with good attention to detail. Reporting on issues and offering suggestions regarding solutions/repairs. They are extremely friendly and always willing to provide information and help. For my wife and I who live in Canada, this service has given us a tremendous comfort and assurance, knowing out home is being watched by the Hudnall’s Home Check.

Bernie and Linda, Canada

It seems difficult today to find someone that does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. It is therefore refreshing to be able to say, from my own experience, that Hudnall’s Home Check Service did just that. They just simply did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. I have found them thoroughly reliable and trustworthy, and can recommend their service without hesitation.

Mike, Alicante, Spain

In the summer of 2000 our home was burglarized while we were on vacation. We came home to find a devastating mess. Everything we owned of any value was gone; everything else was in a heap. It was an unimaginable violation; our sense of privacy, security and safety were shattered. Being full-time, permanent residents of Fort Myers, we never dreamed that we needed any type of home watch service. That was a tragic mistake and one we corrected immediately. Since that life-altering event, Nancy and Ron Hudnall have faithfully watched our home and given us the peace of mind to be able to travel freely and extensively; always with the comfort and assurance that our home is being carefully watched and cared for by Hudnall’s Home Check.

Fred and Karen, Fort Myers, Florida

Nancy and Ron Hudnall have looked after my home over the past several years for periods of time while I am out of town on vacation, conferences, etc. They check the home, bring in any mail, and are also entrusted with the responsibility of my only child a 16 year old kitty cat. They are very honest, trustworthy and dependable, and I would highly recommend them anytime to anyone. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone if you wish at 239-691-7561.

Liz Paul, Realtor

Ron and Nancy Hudnall have looked after our home for a few years. We live in Ohio and weren’t able to get down to the house very often. We were grateful to have trustworthy people looking after our house. Anything we ever needed they were there to make it happen. We never worried about the house and I always felt at ease knowing they were taking care of things. We did have the privilege of meeting Nancy and Ron and I can tell you with certainty that even though we do not have the home any longer I will truly miss knowing them.

N & S Grace, Ohio

I am a local Real Estate agent and always refer Hudnall’s Home Check Services to all of my clients! They currently service many of my customers and always go above and beyond, offering excellent customer service. Peace of mind while you are away is priceless! Be sure to call them and meet with them in person. Once you do you will see why you can trust them with your home. Wonderful people! Please call 239-470-1546 for a reference from me.

Carrie Ciolino, Realtor

Nancy and Ron are the third home watch service we have used and to be honest they are simply the best. A very professional yet friendly and above all a reliable service really suit our requirements. With detailed reports from each home visit we know exactly how things are. Anything that comes up is dealt with quickly and efficiently. As we live in the UK it is very reassuring to know that our dream home in Fort Myers is in the safe and very dependable hands of Nancy and Ron. The best decision we have made since being here over the past five years. They provide a service which is second to none and we will continue to use these services and would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends, family and colleagues.

Alice and Laurence, UK

We have depended on Ron and his Hudnall’s Home Check Service for over two years now and can’t begin to express just how satisfied we truly are. Because we travel so much and often find ourselves out of the country, we have come to depend on this service more than anything. It is such a relief just knowing that our home in Fort Myers, Florida is being checked by Ron on a regular basis. Not only does he check and inform us when he has discovered certain “issues,” such as a malfunctioning air conditioning system, but he has often made himself available to “babysit” the house while such repairs are being conducted. In addition, we greatly appreciate the fact that he takes the time to send us the report on the very same day that he conducts his house check. When we are away from our home, we honestly go to bed at night feeling that our home is secure with the realization that it is because of the Hudnall’s Home Check Service. Thank you Ron for a job well done. Please keep up the good work. We are depending on it!!!

Evelyn and Linda, NY

We have known Ron and Nancy for over 15 years. We are local Real Estate agents and have referred Hudnall’s Home Check Services to our clients and they are very satisfied with the service and attention to detail they receive. Finding reliable people you can trust and depend on to take care of your home like it was their own is invaluable. Whether you’re a seasonal resident or just taking an extended vacation we recommend that you call the Hudnalls before you make a decision on who will be watching your home, meet with the Hudnalls, you will be glad you did. Please feel free to call us at 239-489-1100 Ext. 221.

The Gordon Corey Connection at VIP Realty Group

I have known Nancy since 1996. She started doing work for me personally and I was so impressed with her that I recommended her to my clients and to my friends. She checked on my home when I was away on numerous occasions and offered recommendations for various household services. I asked her to meet with several of my clients who had purchased property from me at Gulf Harbour Yacht and Country Club and they all hired her to check on their vacation homes while they spent half the year up north. I would gladly recommend Hudnall’s Home Check to my clients, friends and family after the positive experiences I have had through the years with their services.

Lisa, Realtor, Fort Myers, FL

We purchased our condo in Fort Myers in December of 2011. Due to family health issues we were unable to relocate until December of 2012. Hudnall’s home check was recommended to us by our VIP realtor in Fort Myers. It was a great recommendation. Ron and Nancy were very responsive and easy to work with from the beginning. They provided the peace of mind that our property was in good shape for the entire year. Also, they assumed the role of overseer when we had the condo repainted and new carpeting installed. We are very pleased to recommend their service to anyone who is an out of state owner.

Bill and Linda, Ohio

We have had Hudnall’s Home Check Service since we purchased our condo. The routine visits have found a couple of very minor problems which were reported and remedied quickly. After hurricane Charlie and a couple of other hurricanes the unit was checked and some water was cleaned up with no damage. The Home Check is very proficient and with the addition of a retired deputy sheriff, we feel that our property will remain safe and secure. They are professional, caring and friendly and we have found the service to be completely reliable and very dependable and know that everything will be in good order when we return in the fall.

Robert and Marilyn, Canada

We bought our condominium in Bonita Springs, FL in 2011 but we were not able to be there much for the first 2 years. Hudnall’s Home Check services were recommended by our Realtor and we have not regretted that decision! We have found them to be very reliable and thorough and provided us with peace of mind that our property was in good shape in our absence. Ron has reported on minor problems and either fixed them himself (the garbage disposal, light bulbs) or updated us about the problem so that we could take care of it later. Ron would email us with an update after each visit. We have been very pleased and would highly recommend their services!

Joe and Lori – Bloomington, IL


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